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January 29th, 1969 (Apple Studios, London): With some reservation (and/or hesitation), George expresses his desire to record and release an album of solo material after the sessions for Get Back/Let It Be are concluded, in mind of all the songs he’s written and accumulated over the years. John and Yoko support the idea, but George (perhaps sensing that John’s perception of “going solo” and what it symbolises is more absolute than his own) elaborates that he thinks it’d be a good thing not just for each member of the band, but for the Beatles as a band proper - they would be able to both free themselves creatively in their own personal outlets to free themselves creatively and play and record as a group without feeling stifled.

(In other words, the band doesn’t  have to sever all ties to go their own way. Ultimately, it’s indeterminable if George is merely expressing, in a carefully unassuming way, his own intentions for individuation in light of John’s recent solo output with Yoko and growing estrangement from the Beatles family, or if he is making a discrete appeal to John of making up instead of breaking up, and is still, despite all of the Beatles’ overlapping troubles over the past two years, not least the past two weeks, genuinely attuned to the idea of the band staying together. Your mileage may vary.) 


JOHN: Yeah?

GEORGE: I tell you what I’d like to do. After this—

PAUL: After this TV—?

GEORGE: —after this show. Um, you know, I’ve got so many songs that I’ve got, like, my quota of tunes for the next ten – you know, years, or albums.

JOHN: Yeah.

GEORGE: And I’d just like to maybe do an album, of songs.

JOHN: Of – on your own?


JOHN: Yeah.

GEORGE: But I mean, I’d like it so that if… uh… [long pause] ‘Cause it would be nice, it would be nice to mainly get them all out of the way—

JOHN: Yeah. It’d be nice anyway.

GEORGE: And secondly, just to hear what I – what all mine are like all together.

JOHN: Yeah, as long – you see, it’s good. If we put [out] an LP and it’s all safe that will be ‘cause it’s together, but George is doing an album and—

GEORGE: Oh yeah, but I mean it’d be nice to, uh—

JOHN: It’d be the same as me doing an album.

GEORGE: —if any of us can do the separate things, like, as well.

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"I’d rather be at Coachella"

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